Getting Started

An Intro to this system

January 21, 2021

Welcome to Topik!

Topik is a flat file, databaseless blogging system built with PHP. It comes with little-to-no front end so that the focus is on customization and function. I built this with speed and extendability in mind so that it can grow. It's easy to get going with.

Get Set Up

To get started, you just need to download the .zip and extract the files in the root directory. Then, set up the config.php file. Set the two variables to the relevant values, and you're all set. The blogName variable is just what you want to call your site. The base variable is the URL of your site, with a trailing slash "/". See the example config file below:

    $blogName = "Topik";
    $base = "http://localhost:8888/flat_blog/";


  • Add a privacy policy
  • Use this site over SSL/HTTPS
  • Add an HTTPS redirect to .htaccess
  • Change the markup, at least to remove the documentation links
  • Remove the "documentation" page, at least until you get going.
  • Remove the default posts.
  • Don't hardcode posts if you don't have to.
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